The cellar

Gaël Saunié

Head Sommelier

Our philosophy is based on our ability to offer a range of wines that tell stories, to introduce the women and men who work the vines, both in Burgundy but not only. The world is full of great wines that convey emotions specific to each one.

My mission will be to surprise customers, to encourage them to take unknown paths. the association between food and wine, as well as all other drinks is an infinite world. During a meal, I want to share this passion and my experience so that the moment is rich.

Unsurprisingly, Premnord will pay particular attention to presenting an eclectic, artisanal and authentic wine list. The menu will consist of more than 800 references, from France and around the world, starting at €25 on the table, and a third of which are positioned at less than €50. Customers also have the opportunity to enjoy a range of wines by the glass from €7 to accompany their meal.
The restaurant and bar also offer a wide selection of local beers, spirits, juices and sodas, authentic, without additives and artisanal.

Sommelier Gaël Saunié’s mission is to select all the drinks that make up the Premnord experience, and to support guests in their explorations and desires for pairings between food and wine.
Passionate about vines and gastronomy, this Burgundian by birth likes to share his knowledge and discover gems from here and elsewhere unearthed during his taste travels.
Ask him to tell you about a particular wine or spirit, and he will be happy to tell you the story!